June 3, 2023

E-commerce Delivery Models in Los Angeles- Apply What’s Best for Your Business

The city of Los Angeles continues to hold its place as one of the metropolitan cities with high e-commerce activity in the USA. Its e-commerce market size is impressive with a population of over 3 million, and over 75% of the population preferring to shop online. As a result, e-commerce businesses continue to thrive but face a huge task in meeting customers' needs via delivery. The higher the percentage of e-commerce activity, the wider the range of customer needs, and the need for delivery flexibility and options. 

E-commerce delivery models in Los Angeles refer to the several methods available to ensure that items get to the customers within Los Angeles. The evolution of this aspect has seen the rise of several e-commerce delivery services which are tailored to customers’ needs. You need better exposure to the models that have made e-commerce delivery more efficient and satisfactory in Los Angeles. Hence, read through this post to get useful information to boost your delivery operations. 

How Important are these E-commerce Delivery Models?

As an e-commerce business, you owe your customers top-notch delivery services. Customers want their items on time, at the desired location, and in the best quality state. Let’s have a quick look at customers' responses to delivery. 

  • According to Ready Cloud, 2021, less than 16% of customers who shop online in the US are satisfied with the delivery speed.
  •  Over 59% of cases have shown that customers change from an e-commerce retailer to a competitor with a more convenient e-commerce delivery model. 
  • According to Marketing Prof,2022, over 50% of customers in the US have abandoned their purchases due to slow delivery. 
  • Over 30% of customers have stated that they will not shop with a particular e-commerce business after a bad delivery experience. 

From the above responses, it’s pretty clear that customers expect nothing short of the best delivery experience. By understanding these delivery models and embracing the extra information in this post, you can satisfy your customers. A wonderful delivery experience will help you keep current customers and attract more customers. 

The Thriving E-commerce Delivery Models in Los Angeles

The people in Los Angeles are wonderful and unique as they have their demands and expectations towards e-commerce businesses. Customers in Los Angeles seek delivery models that incorporate speed, flexibility, and convenience. In a bid to meet these expectations, e-commerce delivery in the Los Angeles area include the following

  • Mailbox delivery
  • Home delivery
  • Pick-up point delivery/ Delivery to specific locations
  • Parcel locker delivery

The outlined models are products of customers’ desires in Los Angeles. Let’s take a deeper dive into each model. 

Mailbox Delivery

Mailbox delivery may sound generic as letters from friends and companies come to mind. However, mailbox delivery has been integrated into e-commerce delivery in Los Angeles. Several customers who purchase small packages often opt for these packages to be delivered to their mailboxes. These days, there are larger mailboxes which increase the range of items that can be delivered via this model. As a business, you have to adopt mailbox delivery upon request from customers. 

Home Delivery

A look back at the covid-19 period when e-commerce experienced the most significant push, it was noticed that people actually had a practical experience and believe that it's possible to efficiently shop online. This has remained a core trigger as several customers embrace the reality that they can shop online and have their items delivered to their doorsteps. As a result, home delivery is a primary and the most occurring delivery model in Los Angeles. A higher percentage of customers request home delivery for a wide range of items.

Pick-up Point Delivery/Delivery to Specific Locations

Research on the Los Angeles e-commerce market and activities shows that there exists a percentage of customers that request delivery to specific locations. The specific locations could include delivery to offices, delivery to a friend’s place, etc. This group of customers believes that e-commerce businesses should be flexible and able to deliver to whatever location they desire. 

Parcel Locker Delivery

Parcel lockers are larger than mailboxes and can contain larger parcels and items. Customers who want items delivered close to their corporate offices, and work spaces, or those who live within educational institutions and in multifamily apartments prefer the parcel locker delivery model. The items are delivered and stored in the parcel locker which is close to the customer’s location. Then the customer picks the item from the lockers. 

What’s Best for Your Business?

The Los Angeles e-commerce market comprises customers with different delivery needs or demands. This means that there is no “one size fits all approach” in this e-commerce ecosystem. E-commerce businesses are expected to tailor their delivery services or models to suit different customer needs. A good understanding of your customer behavior and an integrated approach to applying these thriving delivery models is best for your e-commerce business. 

The best approach is to let your customers know that you are flexible and can adopt the different delivery models. This has led to the rise of e-commerce delivery companies in Los Angeles like “Deliverthis” which helps e-commerce businesses offer different delivery options to customers. 

How Deliverthis Can Help

The task of meeting the varying delivery demands of customers can prove challenging for e-commerce businesses. This becomes more challenging when there is a larger customer base or influx. As an e-commerce business in Los Angeles, you need the service of a regional carrier like Deliverthis to help deliver goods or products in line with customer’s demands. 

Deliverthis offer different models of delivery services within Los Angeles and its environs. We help your customers enjoy speed, flexibility, and convenience. 

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