September 27, 2023

How Packaging Improves Efficiency of Last Mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery is undoubtedly a crucial aspect of the e-commerce business. It is the final part that knits the e-commerce brand with its customers. It is safe to say that several people have embraced online shopping due to the guarantee of last-mile delivery. That is, customers are assured that their items will be delivered to their preferred locations.

The efficiency of last-mile delivery is key to the growth and sustenance of the e-commerce business as it helps translate to customer happiness. That’s why deliberate last-mile delivery optimization is emphasized in this article. One approach toward efficient last-mile delivery is packaging solutions. When a brand optimizes its packaging solutions, then last-mile delivery can be taken to the next level. Let’s see the role of optimized packaging in last-mile delivery operations. 

Packaging Design

The packaging design is more important than you may have ever imagined. It refers to the structure and composition of the packaging materials. The optimization of packaging materials will influence the efficiency of last-mile delivery. We can break down the elements of packaging design to see how it directly affects the last mile delivery. 

Optimal Packaging Sizes

The package size is a significant element of the package design. Packaging size can influence the delivery vehicle capacity either on a positive or negative scale. When package sizes are optimized it helps to maximize space in the truck. As a result, a considerable volume of items can be delivered. 

On the other hand, finding the best package size with respect to the estimated truck capacity will help prevent the issues of under-loading and over-loading. 

Protective Packaging Materials

Recall that the packaging design includes the composition materials of the package. Materials with high strengths and protective features provide safety to the items to be delivered. Employing packaging solutions made of protective materials will ensure that product integrity is maintained. Improving last-mile delivery with packaging made of protective materials will minimize damages and returns. 

Eco-friendly and Lightweight Materials

The use of lightweight materials for packaging offers immense benefits that all improve the delivery experience. One key metric of last-mile delivery is the truckload capacity. The truckload capacity has a close relationship with the item weight and this helps determine the maximum load the truck can transport for delivery. The item weight also serves as a base for determining delivery rates, especially when the carrier charges per weight.

With lightweight packaging materials, e-commerce businesses can cut down on delivery costs as there will be fewer weights to be charged by the carrier. Carriers can also gain from lightweight shipment as it will help save the cost of fuel. As a result, both parties gain in terms of delivery cost. 

Lightweight packaging materials will improve the usage of transportation or delivery resources such as trucks. This is because the carriers can load more items onto the trucks and this will help with faster delivery. Here is a summary of how lightweight materials can improve last-mile delivery.

  • Less labor when loading and unloading items which results in lower handling fees. 
  • Less stress on the truck or vehicle which minimizes wear and tear 
  • Minimized damage when items move or collide while in transit.
  • Easier handling and faster loading and unloading times will lead to a much-improved delivery time frame. 

One emerging aspect of last-mile delivery is the adoption of sustainable logistics. With so much effort toward reducing the global carbon footprint, the e-commerce industry is embracing environmentally friendly means of delivery. Eco-friendly packaging materials aid this system and ensure optimal delivery experiences while the carbon footprint is reduced. 

Room for Customization

Customization brings last-mile packaging solutions to a whole new level. It involves personalization that closely knits a particular customer to the delivery experience. 

Personalized Packaging

The number of customers with unique preferences for packaging and delivery is on the increase. Several customers now want packaging and delivery tailored to their specific needs. Meeting these demands needs a good level of efficiency and getting the packaging right boosts other final stages of the delivery. Personalized packaging offers enhanced customer experience and satisfaction. 

Specially Designed Packaging for Specific Products

It’s understandable that there are conventional packaging solutions used for a wide variety of items. However, a few specifics and specialty happens as some items need special packages that support their nature and composition. A good example is that fragile or perishable items require special packages compared to regular items. 

With the availability of this diversification in packages, it’s possible to package every form of item and deliver it efficiently. Getting the packaging of these special items right will help improve delivery efficiency. 


As an e-commerce business looking to improve its last-mile delivery, it is advised that you look into your packaging solutions. Consider your packaging materials, size, and how they align with the customer’s specific demands. Your packaging has a role in optimizing your last-mile delivery. 

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