August 6, 2023

How Regional Carriers Affect E-commerce Business in Dallas, Texas

An overview of the e-commerce market in Dallas and the United State at large shows significant positives. With the giant strides attained in the industry courtesy of the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry is projected to keep growing. In the midst of these positives lies a few challenges with a focus on order fulfillment or delivery.

Online shopping has taken a significant hold in the United States with over 70% of people choosing to shop online. A deeper dive sees Dallas as one of the leading cities of high e-commerce activities in the US. The growing number of online shoppers in Dallas has made it challenging for e-commerce brands to fulfill and deliver ordered items.  

A regional carrier in Dallas such as DeliverThis proves to be a viable solution to delivery challenges facing e-commerce brands. Read through to discover how they are beneficial to the e-commerce business. 

Delivery Flexibility

There is no “one-fit-all” solution to delivery since the need or demands of customers differs. A regional carrier like DeliverThis will focus on your customer’s location which is Dallas, Texas. Then, provide several delivery models as demanded by customers. For example, a customer may demand delivery made to their Dallas home address, while another demands a parcel locker delivery. E-commerce brands may find it difficult to offer all these models in-house, hence it is advised to outsource to a regional carrier like DeliverThis.

A regional carrier in Dallas will have a deep knowledge of the area, transport routes, and traffic conditions. As a result, they will be able to adjust transportation needs to optimize delivery. Regional carriers are the best shot at coping with the ever-changing customer demands concerning delivery. 

Customized Delivery

There are customers that demand delivery services that are tailored to meet their specific requirements. This brings about personalization to suit the customer's preferences and characteristics. Regional carriers like DeliverThis are well-equipped to offer customized delivery services. They can help lift the burden of handling this high level of service in-house. 

Lower Cost

Fulfillment and delivery cost takes a toll on e-commerce businesses especially when it is handled in-house. In-house delivery services will see the brand disbursing funds per order. In a situation where the orders are numerous, the cost of delivery incurred also increases. This will make the profit margin thinner. If a brand stick to handling delivery by itself, it leads to the acquisition of resources such as trucks and other transportation technologies. This is an expensive model.

On the other hand, regional carriers like DeliverThis offer a much more cost-effective model. These carriers already have the resources and they charge you either a flat fee for a duration or per unit of the item to be delivered. With regional carriers, you can negotiate and come to an agreement on the best pricing structure that suits your business. 

On-time/Expedited Delivery

It’s no news that customers love it when their items are delivered on time. The stakes are even higher as online shoppers in Dallas now demand the same-day and next-day delivery models. This means speedy delivery of ordered items is the current standard of the e-commerce market. Regional carriers can help with timely and expedited delivery, after all, that’s why they exist. 

Regional carriers in Dallas such as DeliverThis consistently analyze and observe the geographic region. They have efficient transportation resources and tools to optimize routes which will eliminate delays. 

Risk Mitigation 

One mistake e-commerce businesses make is that most of them feel that they are technically equipped to handle delivery. They feel that they have the knowledge and as a result fall short with item handling and other dynamics which threaten the safety of items. Efficient delivery demands proper handling of the package and delivering it to the appropriate locations. 

Significant risk is associated with handling the item while in transit and this is where a regional carrier can be helpful. They are well-trained in handling packages to ensure safety and security.

DeliverThis- Your Ideal Regional Carrier in Dallas,Texas

After a long read, you may be triggered to seek the services of an ideal regional carrier. DeliverThis is the ideal regional carrier that can deliver items to Dallas and its environs. Let’s dive into the reasons why DeliverThis is an ideal choice.

Multiple Model of Delivery Services

DeliverThis is constantly in sync with customer demands and expectations. So, we are well equipped to render a wide range of delivery services. DeliverThis is versatile and innovative, hence can deliver via several models such as home deliveries, customized deliveries, parcel locker deliveries, etc. 

The same-day/next-day delivery footprint can be achieved and enhanced with DeliverThis. We offer everything around delivery within Dallas and its environment. 


DeliverThis embraces technological advancements and implementation in the delivery of items. We employ high-end route optimization software, tracking systems, and end-end visibility. With DeliverThis, the e-commerce brand and customers are in sync.

Customer Satisfaction 

DeliverThis provides all elements that result in customer satisfaction. These include on-time delivery, delivery efficiency, and customer notification. We always keep customers informed.

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