September 27, 2023

Less Than Truckload Shipment for E-commerce- The Rising Need of Online Retailers 

Several e-commerce brands seek a cost-effective method to ship small volumes of items. This is where the Less Than Truckload shipment comes into play. It is contrary to the most basic shipping strategy where a brand has to fill up a truck before delivery can be made. Less Than Truckload involves a consolidation strategy where different brands can ship their items via the same truck and at the same time.

With the rise of the e-commerce industry, online retail shipping requires flexibility as timelines are much closer and customer demand has gone beyond the usual. Less Than Truckload shipment can help in this regard. Let’s find out more about the Less Than Truckload Shipment in this blog. 

Less Than Truckload(LTL) Shipment for E-commerce- How it Works

Let’s make this a bit practical. An e-commerce brand “X” has a small volume of items that must be delivered as soon as possible. However, the available volume of items isn't enough to fill up the truck of the carrier. The carrier will not be pleased to drive an almost empty truck through long distances for delivery as it is not profitable. At this time the customers of the e-commerce brand “X” will take no excuses and are expecting their items. 

The Less Than Truckload shipment is a shipping solution that solves this kind of problem and it is a service offered by the carrier. The carrier will pick up the small volumed items of the e-commerce brand “X” and consolidate them with the items of other e-commerce brands heading to the same region, then make the delivery as fast as possible. 

Benefits of LTL Shipment to E-commerce Businesses

The thing is, if as an e-commerce brand, you are not exploring the option of Less Than Truckload, then you are missing some great benefits. Less Than Truckload(LTL) has revolutionized the shipping and delivery of items as it primarily offers flexibility which is a key element of modern-day e-commerce. 

A Key to Same-day and Next-day Delivery

It’s no news that one of the basic demands of the modern-day online shopper is the same-day and next-day delivery. The traditional shipping strategy where the truck has to be filled with items of a particular brand may not suffice for this demand. The daily volume of orders may not be the same and the brand may not be able to fill a truck for a same-day or next-day delivery. 

With Less Than Truckload shipment, ordered items can be swiftly grouped with other items to fill the truck for delivery. 

Cost Efficiency

Cost-saving is a dire desire for every e-commerce brand. There are several areas of the business that attract cost and one significant area is in the shipping or delivery of items. However, cost-effective LTL solutions for online retailers have come to the rescue. With Less Than Truckload, the delivery cost can be shared amongst the e-commerce brands that have their items consolidated in the truck. 

A brand will only have to pay for the space its items occupy rather than paying for the full truck. This will save costs, especially in the long run. 


Flexibility is key for efficient e-commerce shipping as it gives the brand leverage and options to meet customer’s fulfillment needs. With Less Than Truckload, e-commerce brands can deliver items at any time and in any manner. This serves as a solution for the cases of scarcity, emergencies, etc. 

Less Than Truckload is a great solution in the case of seasonal fluctuations. In peak seasons when there is a surge in demand, LTL can help with quick turnaround time. As items can be delivered as soon as they are ordered. It also reduces the effect of cost in peak seasons. In all, LTL gives the brand the leverage to change shipping volumes and adapt to prevailing market situations. 

Improved Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Less Than Truckload boosts the e-commerce order fulfillment of any brand. This results in happy customers. LTL can help tailor delivery to the specific needs of a customer. In all, there is continuity of business and a good relationship with customers. 

How to Choose the Right LTL Carrier for E-commerce- DeliverThis Your Perfect Fit

The idea of an LTL shipment sounds amazing, but the efficiency lies in the hands of the carrier. This is why an e-commerce brand must choose a competent LTL carrier like DeliverThis. Consider the following criteria of an ideal LTL carrier. 


An ideal LTL carrier must be reliable. This can be traced from the general reputation of the carrier based on past delivery execution. On-time delivery is not negotiable and the carrier must be available with all resources when needed. DeliverThis fits into this profile as a reliable regional LTL carrier in Los Angeles and nearby cities. 

Service Coverage

It’s fine that you may have spotted a reliable carrier. However, that carrier must be available and operate in the region where your customers are located. For example, DeliverThis operates in some cities of the U.S. such as Los Angeles, Dallas, Arizona, etc. So you must consider the tea of your e-commerce business and that of the carrier must align. 

Whatever, the criteria you seek, DeliverThis is willing to collaborate and offer you high-quality LTL shipping services. 

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